It was nice to see the sunshine this weekend lets hope it Carry’s on.


Well Friday ended with a meeting at school and for the first time in a while I felt the school where doing everything right.  Oliver’s Teacher and TA have been fab all the time but the higher up the school you go the more politics comes into things.

After reading Oliver’s dyslexia report they have put most of the recommendations in place and explained why the others weren’t put into place and I have to say they were valid reasons.  Also school are being proactive with arranging another meeting for us to catch up on things as well in April as well as parents evening next month.


Also the progress Oliver is making is super with his hand writing and phonics work, so proud of him.


Monday …. and a trip to the dentist as well as the first day of the holiday. Thankfully Daddy is on hand this holiday so things should be a lot stress free…


Dentist went well Oliver did well coping today and did what the denitst asked him which is all good so as a reward we are off to the park this afternoon for a treat for Oliver to kick his football about.   His sister is enjoying a well earned break at nanny’s for the day, enjoying peace and being able to relax and not be around if a meltdown happens 🙂


With things being this calm will the holiday get worst or carry on going well…


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