Testing day

Wow the dance show was good and my daughter was great along with her class mates … they did the school proud and I hope they had lots of fun and enjoyed the day.

Today I tested Oliver maybe I shouldn’t have but I did and it went well … Homework again lol

Oliver had to write some sentences tonight and instead of me helping him loads I didn’t this evening, I got his angle board out and his aqua paper for him to write on and the list of words he needed, and told him he had to use the words to write sentences, I sat next to him and carried on with something else expecting me to wait but no he started looking at the word one by one and sounding them out and the writing the sentences, I did remind him to use connectives in his sentences and once or twice he has asked me what the word was and once I told him he carried on.  He did some good sentences I hope and his spelling might not be great but his handwriting has improved massively and I was really pleased with him, maybe he is growing up and might not need as much help as I thought, or does it depend on whether he is having a good or bad day?


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