Strange day

Well another working day for me and a good one at that, instead of doing my normal shift Over time has come back and in short flexing up has come back so back in work Friday this week,

Things have been strange at home and I think Oliver is picking up on that at the moment, he says he has had a good day at school but is out of character tonight and doing homework was a really struggle having said that he has 3 lots of pages of phonics and then literacy of adding things to words to make another word then having to do sentences for them which I have to say we are leaving until tomorrow to do the sentences after forcing him to sit for an hour with a few breaks I thought i would admitted defeat tonight and try again tomorrow. He has managed to complete some homework this evening.

A big one for me was doing a phonics word search all by himself normally I have to help as too many letters are confusing and looking at the spelling of the word and finding it can be hard. Also Oliver has perception problems which can make it trickier… But not tonight Oliver completed it all by himself so proud of him for that.

Sometimes the pressure on children can be so hard they have all day at school to learn and have so much thrown at them and then to come home to more of it … when are children giving the time to be children now days .. they have so much demanding their time when is there time to chill out … My daughter is still trying to complete her homework 😦

So many other strange things have happened other than to do with children… friends turning against you for no reason .Thinking that everything you you write or do is about them and writing nasty status of Facebook and calling you a liar and childish when it is in fact them.   Trying to make you jealous by checking in doing silly things and saying what a fab time they are having if you are having that amount of fun how can you find the time to post it on Facebook.  No  one actually cares about what you are doing you could be doing all sorts no one cares …

As for the fact i am childish did you look in the mirror ??? I have slagged you off behind you back you are joking when and to whom.   and have you told the countless people you  have slagged off behind their back what you have done .. no didn’t think so.

I believe I am no longer playing … I have a life to be getting on with and more important things to sort out and worry about I am the negative one lol life can make you neagative but not all the time.

Strong and positive and weeding out crap will help to stay strong.




3 thoughts on “Strange day

  1. I am having similar problems with homework – I am actually heading in to school again next week to see if we can cut down the amount that my son is given. My two eldest children are a year apart, and this year they have been given the exact same homework. I see my daughter blitz through it in 15 – 20 minutes a day, while my son, who is older and has aspergers, can literally spend hours on it and still not come close to finishing.

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