Joys of homework

Well more problems on a lunch time today so more words in the home/school diary to find out what happened 😦

Homework has come home which maths has been completed and loved once it is explained. Oliver is great at mental maths but struggles when the maths is word questions trying to break down and process the wording is difficult for him. Once you give him the sum he gives you the answer straight off .. and he is learning that instead of just writing the answer he has to write the sum too.

Literacy for this week will be left until tomorrow night, looking at different spellings of things then having to write a sentence this is going to cause me no end of grief.  

Plus the pressure of reading tonight has been done along with every night and the joys of extra phonics work will be coming home tomorrow i am guessing and then extra handwriting will be home soon too.


All this every week for a ASD child and they wonder why after a full day at school our children go into meltdown and then having to deal homework and why some don’t manage to complete the homework or why parents are at wits end with the battle of completing homework.


Does anyone else have the battle of completing homework?


Now homework is complete Oliver has gone back off into his own world of playing football … at least he has something to help calm him and keep him happy,


One thought on “Joys of homework

  1. When my son was in school last year, I struggled with homework more than he did. He could easily do the work, as long as I was sitting right next to him and keeping him focused. If I didn’t sit down with him there was no way he could do it by himself.

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