Monday Blues

Well as far as Mondays go this one wasn’t too bad till school run time.

A nice relaxing day visiting my mum and having a catch up, after the madness of the morning school run with snow and excited children and the hope that school will be cancelled and they can play in the snow.

As mornings started very much the norm with me moaning and constantly telling Oliver to brush his teeth, get dressed then to get his wellies on and coat on for school, one thing at a time otherwise he gets overloaded and does nothing.

School run passed off OK just the added pressure of being in the school hall which is something Oliver finds hard, where as my daughter will say goodbye to you and go off and find her friends, Oliver will go and find his friends look scared and worried and be looking for you all the time as when it is time to line up for class all 268 pupils move at the same time causing noise and confusion for any child let alone a child with Asperger’s.  That’s where mummy comes in with going to Oliver and guiding him to his line to go into class.

School day not sure how that passed as Oliver hasn’t said much since coming home just done the norm of having his snack and taking himself off to play with his micro footballers, (must stop soon for homework 😦 )  Going into his own world again after the pressure of a normal school day.

After school was the doctors for Oliver to get blood test results … another waste of time ! Been told that Oliver has a low iron count and when i asked how this was caused as Oliver is a good eater with lots for fruit and veg and red meat, Was told it is normal for children to have a low iron count, as they are using up all their iron in growing, so why was I called in???  Hey ho another iron blood test to come in a months time followed by another appointment….

Oliver was good in the doctors but like most children with ASD i had to do all the talking as Oliver doesn’t like talking to the doctor he will let them look at him and answer them with one worded responses but nothing in depeth maybe thats why they don’t believe me and always put it down to a virsus or am  I being over careful and reading too much into things?

To top all this off my daugther has come home upset with girls in her class not being very nice in lunch and break time and her teacher not having the time to talk to her, and schools want children to talk to them but they can’t be bothered to make time for them.

She has a hard time at home living with a brother who she wants to play with but doesn’t always understand when he does something out of the normal way to having problems in school as well and no one to talk to about it at the time. Nightmare

We some times forget about how it is for a sibling to a child with ASD. They want to play and do normal things with their sibling but sometimes that doesn’t always work out. They don’t always understand their siblings behaviour or cope with them going on about their constant obsession. Or having to wait a moment for your time while you are sorting out their sibling, things being done or explained in a different way we know what it is like being a parent of a child with ASD but being a sibling must be tougher.


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