Weekend Joy

Well since working this weekend and being up since 5 both days ready to start work at 6 am…

We have had the normal sky sports news on checking all football news and scores as well as lots of micro footballers everywhere playing a match,  seems a weekend is the time for Oliver to go with in his own world, recharging his batteries ready to go into the real world tomorrow morning for school.

Oliver also has got into chess from all the wet play at school and other boys playing it, I have since brought him his own chess board for at home and he is currently learning how to play however he doesn’t like losing. 😦

Well tomorrow is going to be another nightmare day of being back and school and to top this Oliver has a doctor’s appointment after school to get blood test results after being ill with colds and viruses for what seems like most of winter …  Could this be ADHD medication causing it or just the fact so much is going ?? Have to wait to see what summer brings this year!

Bless Oliver is currently playing just dance with his sister but is struggling to copy the dance moves on the screen and focus as well as staying in one place,  He wants to play and join in with his sister but is getting very frustrated at the fact he can do it.  But these things are good for him to try his strengths and weakness.  He he finds he can’t do something he gets upsets and says he is in pain with one thing or another, enabling him to stop doing the activity. It is hard to try to teach him he needs to say that he doesn’t like doing something rather than saying he is ill to get out of this. The crys of can i go on my xbox have started … meaning I have no longer got football on the tv or able to play football inside or out at the moment and I am not coping with it,  But it is hard to try and teach our children that they need to take turns and share things and that they can’t always have their own way (I know sometimes it is easier to do this for the peace and savour of a meltdown).

Oliver’s sister Rachel is enjoying have the time on the xbox playing something she wants to do and not having to put up with football all the time.

lets see what the rest of the day will bring, good or bad I am sure we will cope with it taking one step at a time.


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