Another day

Well today seems to have been OK so far…

School seems to have gone OK, Fridays can be hard with school as big write, spelling test and golden time all taking place to causing major anxiety.  I am not sure how they went as Oliver hasn’t spoken about them today. 😦 We have had problems with older children at school today but thankfully Oliver has a good relationship with his TA who he inform straight away and it was sorted so no more worrying for him.

After school has been calmer today as well with Oliver coming in and doing his homework straight away rather than leaving it for over the weekend and the battle for him then to do it.

We shall see what the weekend brings as I am sure like most weekends it will contain Oliver watching and playing endless football. This is his safe zone and if we do decide to go out thank goodness for smart phones and football apps that when the time is right we can allow him to check the information out he needs so he doesn’t go into meltdown and feel unsafe for not being able to look.

We have had lots of times going out and Oliver has become overwhelmed and upset with lots of back ground noises and smells going on.  Once he has gone on to the phone checking scores for a few moments all is well again.

One of these moments was over Christmas going to see a pantomime, Oliver’s team where playing and he had checked the score before going it and was all happy then we went in took our seats and while waiting for the pantomime to start Oliver wanted to check the score but my phone had no Internet signal and could have been a major problem. Thankfully a kind lady in front of us had spotted Oliver’s football shirt and supported the same time had Internet signal on her phone and check it for him, save the day x Thankfully there are people who are out there to help 🙂

Since starting to write like normal everything goes wrong, a sibling argument over floor space and playing has led to a major meltdown … the joys.

This will carry on all evening now 😦


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