I have a son who is currently 7 1/2 and has be diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD to name a few.      It all started when he was in Pre-school, Pre-school raised concerns about Oliver and we as parent’s and with him being young hadn’t really thought anything was wrong other than Oliver tiptoe walked which we had previous seen a specialist at the age of 3 whom told us Oliver would out grow this by the age of 5.

We did however take him to our GP who said he could have Aspergers and he referred us to a specialist,   We went to see the doctor and Oliver attended Pre-school type groups as part of the diagnosis and along with seeing a speech and language specialist.  After going to all these sessions and another appointment with the doctor we where told Oliver was “normal” However after looking into things I wasn’t so sure and every time we had a follow up meeting every 6 months i still raised my concerns and was told it was normal behaviour.

Oliver then stated school in reception and all information from his appointments was passed onto school, after starting in September I was signing paperwork for an EP to come into school to assess Oliver.  March came and we had our first appointment, again we where looking at the fact Oliver could have Asperger’s again, We where referred to CAMHs.

At CAMHs, our first appointment comes and we are told that it is a long road to being diagnosed  and that it might not happen until Oliver is 7 (At this time he is only 5 1/2)  We talk and talk about explain things and come away feeling happy about how things had gone.  We had our next appointment and walk into the room where the doctor asks us how we feel about the diagnoses which shock us more for how quickly this had come about. I know people who have had years of fighting for a diagnoses and here we are on our second appointment being told what our son has.  That’s when ADHD was mention and we agreed for Oliver to be tested.

So January 2011 Oliver was diaganosed with Asperger’s and Motor Dysbrixa.

Then in May 2011 Oliver was diagnosed with ADHD.

I have played the blame game on what I did wrong for him to have all this and after years I know it isn’t my fault but you still have the battle of how to understand and how to help … with not much support out there.

One support I have found very helpful is the Early Bird course  I attended also the National Autism Society and BAS (Berkshire Autism Sociery)

I plan to carry on blogging about day to day life and difficulties we face as a family and what Oliver faces from problems at school to home life and going out.


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