The big return

Well back to school this morning, 

As the day started to arrived I did notice in Oliver that his anxieties w/here raising, 


Today came and he went into school no problem, but has come home upset and had one or two meltdowns.  In his home school diary Oliver had rated his day 9/10 so after reading that I thought all had been OK but no … more problems on a lunch time which is all I know as Oliver hasn’t spoken about them.  That is one thing with Oliver sometimes he will talk to you about things and other times you know nothing other than his behaviour changes and you know he is upset by something.

He has retreated more into his own world this evening and after doing homework … I think that is the best thing just let him do what he wants and control his meltdowns and make him feel safe and comfortable.


How hard is it for our children to return to school … from being home and in their own world and safe and not having the confusion or social rules of school to being forced to go back must make it harder for them.


I am hoping in a day or two things will calm down and Oliver will be used to being back at school and become happier again.


I know home schooling isn’t an option and Oliver must try and learn to or  at least understand a bit more about the social issues that plague him, otherwise he will become and adult and face even more problems and difficultly and you want them to try and leave as normal life as possible, But on the other hand you want to keep them safe and happy.  How difficult it is to try and understand what they go through on a daily basis their understanding of the world.  We will never understand just like other people/children with disabilities until you have it you have no idea how they are feeling you can try and understand without ever really knowing.


Well Parents evening this week so lets see how that one goes …


Food Shopping

Now this is something I like doing without children around, or if they are around I do online, but with today we went shopping 😦


It started off in town where both Rachel and Oliver could pay the money they had counted from their money boxes into the bank accounts, Rachel loved this however Oliver got bored even with taking his ADHD tablet today.  Standing in line awaiting our turn he kept wandering off and moving about and I or my husband was constantly asking him to stand still which was something he just couldn’t do … the bank wasn’t busy but however customer counters are closing and machines are taking over.  We walked in with two counters open and as we arrived one counter closed and the other counter was serving someone whom seam to take an age.

Finally our turn at the counter and Oliver wanders off to his dad and around the bank as he is bored and I have to keep calling him back for his signature or for him to receive the information as I wasn’t allowed to receive the information without him standing next to me.

Once that is finished off to the market to buy some fresh fruit and veg which Oliver loves choosing what he wants and enjoyable part of the day.


Then off to the supermarket to do the shopping, Oliver’s worst nightmare I am beginging to learn, busy, noisy all things he hates.   We had one or two upsets as Oliver seam to be sliding over a lot of the time leading to me moaning at him and him saying it wasn’t his fault.   Just walk nicely I kept saying and then you won’t fall over … I was more worried about him being on the floor and hurt by another customer and their trolley than him annoying any of them.  Even tho i didn’t shout or raise my voice Oliver still felt he was being told off and went into clinging mode, and becoming upset, I knew I had to get this trip over with quickly.  We managed to get around the rest of the shop and to the checkout, If Oliver does come shopping with me while packing my shopping he sits on the seats at the end of the checkout so I can still see him and he is happy out of the hussle of packing shopping.  However today was a problem some old gentleman was sitting on the seats and blocking all others with his trolley so Oliver was unable to sit down while loading the shopping onto the checkout.  It is becoming hard to be able to multi task in a supermarket with Oliver.  Thankfully as time to pack the shopping Oliver was able to sit down and I was able to pack the shopping and pay.


Oliver seams to have his routine if he comes shopping with me ie sitting on the seats at the end of the checkout while I go through them and other little things that i am beginning to notice this must all be to help him cope with something he doesn’t enjoy or gets highly anxious about it.


Now we are onto the stored up homework from this holiday, another blog i think 🙂


After waking up and wanting to do something different today we decided to go to Windsor, yes living so close we have done it a hundred times but this time we did it differently.


Oliver loves going on trains so we decided to go by train,  Which Oliver loved, counting all the trains he say on his way there and back.      After a nice lunch we went for a walk around the castle, this my daughter loved taking in the audio tour guide and learning more about the castle and monarchs. Oliver however soon became bored like he normally does and you end up dragging him round sulking and bored while Rachel then feels she has to cut the trip short.     I have to say I wouldn’t let her cut it short this time and he had to put up with it.  He has to learn I am afraid that we all have to do things we don’t like doing or find boring and all treats can’t be about what he wants to do.  I am thankfully that with lots of reassurance and talking to him we didn’t have a meltdown and Rachel enjoyed her time in the castle.

What was lovely about going to Windsor was the kids had the treat of the train and castle but I also go a treat by going shopping … and a few treats brought in HM 🙂  Sometimes as parents with children with special needs we don’t always get anything for ourselves time wise or being able to do things for ourselves so that was a nice treat.


A little nightmare journey coming home with the train cancelled from Windsor to Slough so we had to wait another 20 Min’s for the next one, great old public transport!  Oliver again loved the journey home counting even more trains and watching them coming in and out of the station, I think you could have stayed there all day and he would have been happy… maybe not us as it was freezing today 😦


Now we are home and kids are very excited and hyper and I am hoping they calm down a little otherwise this will be a long evening lol


Other things I notice about days like this … the age gap between Rachel and Oliver is only small but with the Asperger’s and ADHD it can be hard to find something they both enjoy and one won’t be bored, But Oliver has limited interests making this more difficult than normal.  Do other parents find this hard too and how do you overcome this problem?


All in all another good day 🙂  Lets see what tomorrow will bring x


What a lovely day today, full of lovely sunshine here in England… Shame it isn’t lasting and the cold weather will be returning.

After a lovely walk into town to do bits and a walk home stopping off at the park for both Rachel and Oliver is play was lovely.  As soon as we where home and they had lunch they were both back out on the bikes playing.

I remember teaching Oliver to ride his bike and thinking he would never get there… pedals being pedaled backwards instead of forwards and the balance issues with the motor dyspraxia.  However we got there and now he loves it one of his major achivements.  Oliver can still struggles with balance if he is having a bad day or tired he becomes wobbly and can fall off but one thing with Oliver he will just dust himself off and get straight back on his bike.  Amazing to see him whizzing around with his sister.

Also a lovely trip to another park with Oliver and Rachel riding their bikes and myself and husband walking with the dog.   Kids cycling around the park and then leaving their bikes for a good old fashion run around. 🙂

We did have a few issues and a small meltdown when things weren’t going quite right for Oliver or he was out of his comfort zone. But today they were easily sorted which is always good.

The holidays seam to be going well this time around and slipping away too quickly… As well as lots more fun to be had I do have to pick a day for the battle with homework, maybe I should choose that day to be sooner rather than later.


Dentist … Oliver went well but you could tell Oliver didn’t like being there 😦

He was sat in the chair very tense and everything tighten, hands clenched :(. He knew the rules and what to do as he has been going since he was young so in a sense shouldn’t be scared but he was.

Does anyone else have issues with their child becoming sacred even when they know what is going to happen ??


It was nice to see the sunshine this weekend lets hope it Carry’s on.


Well Friday ended with a meeting at school and for the first time in a while I felt the school where doing everything right.  Oliver’s Teacher and TA have been fab all the time but the higher up the school you go the more politics comes into things.

After reading Oliver’s dyslexia report they have put most of the recommendations in place and explained why the others weren’t put into place and I have to say they were valid reasons.  Also school are being proactive with arranging another meeting for us to catch up on things as well in April as well as parents evening next month.


Also the progress Oliver is making is super with his hand writing and phonics work, so proud of him.


Monday …. and a trip to the dentist as well as the first day of the holiday. Thankfully Daddy is on hand this holiday so things should be a lot stress free…


Dentist went well Oliver did well coping today and did what the denitst asked him which is all good so as a reward we are off to the park this afternoon for a treat for Oliver to kick his football about.   His sister is enjoying a well earned break at nanny’s for the day, enjoying peace and being able to relax and not be around if a meltdown happens 🙂


With things being this calm will the holiday get worst or carry on going well…

Testing day

Wow the dance show was good and my daughter was great along with her class mates … they did the school proud and I hope they had lots of fun and enjoyed the day.

Today I tested Oliver maybe I shouldn’t have but I did and it went well … Homework again lol

Oliver had to write some sentences tonight and instead of me helping him loads I didn’t this evening, I got his angle board out and his aqua paper for him to write on and the list of words he needed, and told him he had to use the words to write sentences, I sat next to him and carried on with something else expecting me to wait but no he started looking at the word one by one and sounding them out and the writing the sentences, I did remind him to use connectives in his sentences and once or twice he has asked me what the word was and once I told him he carried on.  He did some good sentences I hope and his spelling might not be great but his handwriting has improved massively and I was really pleased with him, maybe he is growing up and might not need as much help as I thought, or does it depend on whether he is having a good or bad day?