Therapy ideas and how to make them fun

So Oliver has to do lots of therapy for OT with his Sensory Processing Disorder, his Visual Perception and Memory Issues.   I have listed some of the things we do to help these, there is still so much more we do.

He has to play memory games, seeing a sequence and having to repeat the sequence back.  How do you make this fun, do something he likes such as Star Wars it helps massively.

Jigsaw puzzles, make them small and grown up so we have football 60pc and London 100pc puzzle and Oliver enjoys doing them, we have an on going 300pc solar system puzzle which Oliver is really struggling with and he isn’t interested in doing it which makes it harder.  Any ideas on puzzles that might be helpful?

We have the blue OT therapy putty which Oliver seems to like playing around with and it makes the therapy easier and you don’t feel like your nagging him.  Shame he can’t do this in school as more time on it would really help.

Today we brought twister to help him with movement and crossing his mid line, something he struggles with and we have to do exercises where he does that and twister is a fun way as well.

Rubber band balls, Oh my gosh he hates these, the bands flick off and he can’t get them to stay on but he does it and he tries really hard which is all I ask.

We have some games as well like make a break which he has to follow colours and shapes on a card with blocks and this helps sequencing and patterns.  Word-search game helps when he plays against others making it a game and not a chore as he doesn’t like it.

We have Harry Potter and football word-search books to again help make it fun for him and go back to his interests which it does help a little bit.

I found today something that I think will frustrate him but it might also be fun, it is a maze ball. So lets see how that one goes.

Simon Says for following a pattern and sequencing again another frustrating for Oliver.

Where’s Wally Books, and I have found a Star Wars, Where’s the Wookie, all to help him.

Lots of pictures, to see what I am taking about lol.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any other ideas for visual perception, memory and sensory processing disorder.

This is just some of the things we have to do and buy for him, sensory brushing and joint compressions is another thing, With all this going on and more therapy that isn’t listed plus his clubs he needs to help with the sensory processing and the ADHD and to unwind after a bad day.





Half term

So we are now in half term, and Oliver has started to become happier and he has opened up more about how he is feeling with things at school and all his appointments he has had recently.

He is so low at the moment, he can’t understand why school are saying he is doing so well when he feels he struggles, he thinks he is thick, stupid and not good enough.  Truly heartbreaking at the moment.  This holiday is lots of confidence boosting but if I don’t fight this and fight school how low could his mood and confidence go?  He doesn’t understand why school haven’t picked up on this new conditions and he thinks there could be more to come.

So other than fighting school how else to build his confidence? Lots of positive reassurance at home and lots of praise.  Doing things to make him enjoy half term.  Keep doing his therapy to try and improve things for him and seeing where we can go with this.  I think a call to CAMHs might have to happen if not I will discuss at our next appointment.

Lets see how our half term carries on.

Let the battle commence

So I have chosen to carry on fighting for what I believe is right and not sit back for the next couple of terms and wait for Oliver to leave and start his new school … you didn’t expect me to did you?

Lots of thought has gone into things the last few days on what things I would like for Oliver or what I feel he needs more so.

A email of complaint is going in after half term and it is currently sitting at 5 or so pages and I am sure the more I think about things the more I will add, in fact everyday since I started it I have added to it.  Today I chose to ask Oliver how he felt about school and certain subjects and I have added that into my email too.  I might even suggest that Oliver move a subject teacher.  Really feel she doesn’t understand him and his needs.

Oh and after her telling us a parents evening that we aren’t stretching Oliver’s reading and he should be reading age expected, I took him to the library today and we got out the Shakespeare book she recommended and Oliver has looked at the first page and went nope not going to get this.  I also took him to the section for his age and all the books when over his head and he was disinterested in all of them.

The funny thing is school paid for accelerated reader which children do online reading tests and it comes back with their levels and recommended books but the books it has come back for Oliver are lower than his age and the authors that she said don’t stretch him and he shouldn’t be reading them. One of the authors and book was a toddler book!  … Oh yes that has gone in my email along with screenshots.

So I tired to call the very busy IAS for advice on Friday and wasn’t lucky enough to get through, so I have emailed them to arrange and appointment to discuss things and for them to help me with an ECH Plan application.

So if school don’t want to help or support we can move on with a stronger ECH Plan application than last time and also this time around we have new conditions for Oliver that do make his learning so much more difficult.

I think I might hold off on an official complaint but then the amount of failing I feel they have done is unreal so I might be doing that next week as well.  But I was thinking of holding off until I had spoken to IAS and I had sent my email and see the reply I get from that.  I just think with the formal complaint I am better doing it with more information and more of their failing than rushing the boat.



Completely had enough now !!

So parents evening!  I have never been so angry or wanted to punch a teacher before now,  I am even more overwhelm and defeated and I think while he is at this school he won’t get anywhere.  They will lie and we will never get and ECH Plan.

One teacher amazing, she has worked with sen children and total gets Oliver and he works so well in her lesson, she listened to all my concerns knew his new conditions and is going to monitor things for a term and then feedback to me.  Oliver talks him her class, challenges her on issues of the day and he has learnt this knowledge by watching the news and his dad and sister having their debates every evening at the dinner table to I shall let that carry on as it helps him so much and he is using the things he learns and asking all the right questions.

One crap teacher who still doesn’t understand anything about this conditions made me feel like a shit parent and yep I started to lose my temper with her.  Giving me books for him to read which are more challenging and what he is reading isn’t appropriate ! I don’t care he is reading and what you have put down Shakespeare are you kidding me, you didn’t listen to his reading age being lower than his age did you. Oh he is in the top 10 for altercated reading, well he didn’t read the books he answered questions on they where audio books or read to him. What part does she get he doesn’t like reading and struggles with it!  Oh and HARRY POTTER isn’t challenging and he shouldn’t be reading it are you F@@king kidding me!  SPAG is habit and there is nothing we can do to change that, so he will fail all GCSEs as there are now have SPAG marks.  He can do essays did you know that lol and well funny how with his ASD they won’t have any emotion in them along with other understanding and his ASD, Visual perception and lower reading and spelling age won’t affect them at all!  Told her I am not forcing him to read what he doesn’t like as he is an ASD child he hates reading and I have to pick my battles, truly hate this teacher! Oh and he can copy from the board into his book no problems but all other teachers tell me he can’t and I know he can’t and do does his reports if you read them.  Oh and try to tell me my son is intelligent implying that I don’t think he is, you are joking I know how amazing he is but I have to tell you the negatives so you do your job and understand to get the best out of him, which you never do as you don’t understand and he hates you.

Another teacher amazing he works well in her lesson he just needs to slow down as his mind works too fast and he makes some silly mistakes but he should be top set but she doesn’t want to lose him and her class is a better work rate for Oliver to understand.  He works independently  and she asks him to help others which he does with no problems.  Can you guess the subject in which he could help others? You got it Maths one of his best subjects.

An old teacher that tells me there are still issues but he has made progress and that everything is there he just needs support in getting the info out of his mind and on to paper.  Support would be good for him but not all the time which is something I totally agree on.

Another new teacher and Senior leadership team lol, Hasn’t read the reports and he has taught Oliver for the last 4 weeks, but surely as a team he should have read them regardless.  When I said he conditions he said ECH Plan, when I said I am told by your SENCO no but CAMHs said to go for one and he carefully worded everything after that but said without and ECH Plan, Oliver wouldn’t get any support out of the pot of money for SEN children.  I have to email him towards the end of term to see how Oliver is doing in his lessons, as they are doing experiments and writing them up.  So me chasing again.

So now where does that leave us, well truly at the moment I am so pissed I could pull him out of there and home school him but that wouldn’t help Oliver that wouldn’t help him be social and that wouldn’t help him not have structure.  I think I will fight the school to the death and fight for what he needs and write them off as a nightmare.

I think a formal complaint to OFSTED and the Education Department is on the cards now.  I think a call to IAS tomorrow to discuss school and how we move forward.  Roll on July when he is out of there for good.



Give up

Just needed to rant today and to unload things as seriously had enough.

So today was the day the SENCO was going to go in an watch a lesson to feedback to me what happened and what support Oliver needs in that lesson and low and behold she didn’t go to that lesson!  Can’t wait for the excuse on that one and I bet she doesn’t go into any this week and forgets to do one after half term.

So yet another battle and another fight to push for it to be done.

Also trying to book parents evening, and I would like an appointment with his current science teacher but he seems to think I need to see Oliver’s old science teacher as she knows Oliver better.   I don’t see why I can’t see his current one as I want to discuss concerns and progress and to also know if he has read all the new reports which have come through from Oliver.

Angry and annoyed is the way I am going with this school again.  No I won’t give up even tho they seem to have done so, they will look into things and they will get the right support.

When you email teachers and copy the SENCO in (Arghhhhhhh) so she has emailed teachers and they have all said Oliver is hardworking and diligent, that is great but doesn’t go with what was said to the Ed Psy, something I pointed out to her and said I hope that is the same at parents evening but I am confused by the conflicting information.  Then she told me all his levels are fine and there is no problem, which again emailed back as I am confused as Reading and Spelling are below age and his visual perception they would cause problems in lessons.  Her reply back was speak to the teachers re your concerns!

School are clearly not giving a shit or really don’t get his conditions, how can levels be OK, when an English teacher told me to get a private tutor and that his SPAG was habit?

I am beginning to think a complaint to OFSTED and the Education Department is in order and even legal advice.  Truly had enough now.

I think once I have been to parents I think another feedback email and maybe copy the head in and demand and ECH as they are failing him.

Oh well tomorrow is another day!

Battle Lines

So today, after going through reports again and trying to look at things in a new light with parents evening coming up.  I have been trying to think of what I want for Oliver what might help him going forward.

What school are saying in his progress report targets and the limits he has with his conditions and what the Ed Psy said nothing is match up so who is wrong?  He is behind on his reading and his visual perception will only increase his difficultly with his reading comprehensions along with his ASD, so how can he be with in on track with that?  His reading age is about 2/3 years lower than his age, thats not too add his spelling difficulties and that he is behind by about 3/4 years in that.    He has just done a CPG SPAG work book, only two pages I am not the cruel lol.  He was doing suffixes and was confused doing them and struggles with the pages he did, more so due to spelling and then also his memory issues and not being able to copy the first part of the word down even though it was right there for him.  If this is a problem at home how is it not a problem in school?  (ill try and add pictures at the end of the page)

I am truly exhausted and confused by all this and I have to say a little overwhelmed by it all.  I don’t get why teachers can’t see the concerns and think everything is fine,  or is it just me and Oliver not being able to do these things at home but he can do them at school?

So parents evening is coming up and my thinking hat is on to think of what I need to asked them, here are a few below, please feel free to let me know if you think I should ask other questions too, I am open to all support and help going.

  • Do you know what conditions Oliver has?
  • Have you read his Ed Psy report and OT Report?
  • What difficulties does he have in your lesson?
  • Do you know how his conditions impact on his learning?
  • Does he need support in your lessons and if so what support?
  • Any concerns can you please relay them back to your SENCO.
  • Can Oliver copy correctly from the board/book into his work book?

I am even thinking about recording all parents evening conversations so 1, I have proof of what was said if I need to go back to the SENCO and 2, I can go through what they said again.

Things I think could be put in place or ideas to help Oliver.

  • Extra English and Science lessons, taking out lesser subjects such as Art and Music
  • 1-2-1 Support in English and Science (working out to other subjects if needed)
  • Once school have provided the right support for Oliver what ever that might be then a private tutor at home would be our next step.
  • Looking at getting a private Dyslexia test too.


Lets see what crap feedback I get after the SENCO being in some lessons to see how things go and what we can do going forward.

In the mean time my ECH P applications is been written up encase and I think a advice call to ISPEA (RBWM) to see what advice they can give me too.

Heres to never giving up the fight for the truth and rights of a SEN Child.